The e-newsletter is published every six months since the beginning of the project. The main goal of this is to provide updated information about the project activities regard to dissemination of works and results of the project. Each of documents include information about the objective and scope of the project. Current information are reported by


You can find here the reported results of Brain4Train Team’s work. The reports are divided according to activities categories such meritorical research outcomes (Intellectual Outputs), Dissemination Activities and others. Recognition of training needs on using VR and biomechanical systems in post-stroke rehabilitation Documents in this section include the description of goals, methods and materials and

Project Description

Development of innovative Training contents based on the applicability of Virtual Reality in the field of Stroke Rehabilitation Brain4Train The aim of Brain4Train is the development and implementation of an online free access course to assure at the maximum number of European medical specialist a worthy education and training regarding the applicability of biomechanical technology