Conferences, Events


14-17th May, 2018, Svratka, Czech Republic.

Project members from the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering at the Silesian University of Technology had the opportunity to present the results of research related to the implementation of the project during a conference in the Czech Republic.

The conference was of international character. 254 experts from the Czech Republic and abroad took part in it. Among the 180 papers appeared two were written about of the work carried out under the project.

Titles of the papers:

– “Evaluation of the changes of gait stability on the treadmill due to treadmill velocity changes by means of time-frequency analysis”

Authors: P. Wodarski, J. Jurkojć, A. Bieniek, R. Michnik, M. Gzik, M. Chrzan, M. Gałązka, C. Herrera Ligero;

– “The influence of 3D virtual sceneries on ability to maintain balance”.

Authors: J. Jurkojć, P. Wodarski, R. Michnik, A. Bieniek, C. Herrera Ligero, E. Pavan