Brain4Train presented on 24th International Conference Engineering Mechanics 2018

Brain4Train project was presented on 24th International Conference Engineering Mechanics 2018, 14-17 May 2018, Svratka, Czech Republic,

The aim of the conference id to provide a forum for researchers, industry practitioners, engineers and postgraduate scholars to promote exchange and disseminate knowledge and experiences of the most recent results and advances in a wide range of topics in Engineering Mechanics, including, but not limited to: Biomechanics, Dynamics, Mechatronics or Technology.

During the Conference two papers were presented that describe Brain4Train results:

  • “Evaluation of the changes of gait stability on the treadmill due to treadmill velocity changes by means of time-frequency analysis” (Authors: P. Wodarski, J. Jurkojć, A. Bieniek, R. Michnik, M. Gzik, M. Chrzan, M. Gałązka, C. Herrera Ligero)

Download the paper:


  • “The influence of 3D virtual sceneries on ability to maintain balance” (Authors: J. Jurkojć, P. Wodarski, R. Michnik, A. Bieniek, C. Herrera Ligero, E. Pavan)

Download the paper: