Mid-term meeting – Milan

On October 3rd, the members of project consortium have been participated on mid-term meeting. They have met in Fondazione Politecnico di Milano to summarize the completed stages of the project’s work, but also discussion of the current progress of the tasks, and next scheduled activities.

Participants of the meeting: Joanna Bartnicka, Katarzyna Mleczko, Cristina Herrera Ligero, Salvador Pitarch Corresa, Enrique Varela Donoso, Esteban Pavan, Carlo Frigo, Paolo Vercesi.

Particularly, the main points of Agenda were:

  • Presentation of tasks being in progress: developing training content and creation of the training structure implemented into e-platform
  • Online connection to IBV e-platform (https://campus.ibv.org) in order to learn about the structure of Brain4Train training and functionalities of the platform as well.
  • Presentation of training materials prepared by each Partner
  • Report on firs Multiplier Event: Workshop on Brain4Train Pilot Course
  • Presentation of dissemination activities that were done in last 6 months by each Partner
  • Information about progress report in Mobility Tool