Presentation of the Brain4Train on 21st European Congress of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine

The Congress took place in Lithuania on 1-6 May 2018.

During this event, conclusions and further information about project was presented by ESPRM and IBV.

The meeting was the second European Congress organized in accordance with the new rules and regulations of  ESPRM the aim of which was to facilitate the spread and exchange of knowledge, skills and attitudes, between experts, researchers, clinicians and trainees, and aiming to continue developing the ESPRM and PRM (Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine) in Europe.

Special meeting of ESPRM Congress on 4th May was organized with 30 delegates where Enrique Varela-Donoso (ESPRM) as well as Cristina Herrera and David Garrido (IBV) gave new information about the current situation of the BRAIN4TRAIN project.