Brain4Train Start

Scientists from four countries officially inaugurated cooperation on a new project, under the title Development of innovative Training contents based on the applicability of Virtual Reality in the field of Stroke Rehabilitation, “Brain4Train”.

A consortium made up of participants from Poland, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands gathered in the Project Management Center of the Silesian University of Technology to discuss the details of Brain4Train objectives, scope and obligations of the Partners.

Particularly, the Agenda of Kickoff Meeting included:

·         Project schedule

·         Description of Intellectual Outputs and Tasks. Presentation of Intellectual Outputs Leaders,  Work content, technical objectives, deliverables.

·         Role and responsibility of each partner in the project.

·         Presentation of project events

·         Management and financial aspects

·         Presentation of Dissemination, Exploitation, Quality and Impact aspects

·         Presentation of Task in progress: Gathering of specific training requirements in range of innovative methods for stroke rehabilitation: realization of online surveys, data analysis and recognition of the technical training requirements

·         Presentation of SUT facilities (Center of New Technologies – 3D Cave)