The end of the first Intellectual Output

The Brain4Train Team would like to thank all doctors, rehabilitators, physiotherapists and all people who participated in surveys and supported work done within the this part of project.

The main objective of Work Package titled Definition and standardization of training content was to establish the standards and requirements for the vocational education and training (VET) curriculum, in order to suit the specific needs of potential users or trainees.

The effects of the works are presented in the form of reports and are available in the Reports section. There are four subjective reports as follow:

  • Survey-Template in English to collect the potential users’ requirements about Virtual Reality tools and Biomechanical technologies for post-stroke rehabilitation
  • Report on the results of the surveys of both questionnaires and focus panels
  • Draft proposal of the contents for the main body of the course on Virtual Reality tools and Biomechanical technologies in supporting post-stroke rehabilitation
  • Detailed version of course Curriculum