Project Description

Development of innovative Training contents based on the applicability of Virtual Reality in the field of Stroke Rehabilitation


The aim of Brain4Train is the development and implementation of an online free access course to assure at the maximum number of European medical specialist a worthy education and training regarding the applicability of biomechanical technology systems (BTS) and virtual reality (VR) in the context of treatment of neurological patients especially those who have suffered a Stroke.  Brain4Train is deeply concerned in promoting work-based learning in all its forms, with special attention to apprenticeship type training. During the last years, scientific generation of innovative knowledge focused on the field of biomechanical systems technology and VR and their applicability on the assessment and rehabilitation of the main disorders of cerebrovascular accident CVA has grown significantly.

The technological breakthrough knowledge in recent years often stays in scientific and university environments. This project aims to extend the technological knowledge to professionals in the clinical setting so they can improve the educational methodologies currently used. Brain4Train project will promote the training in the practical use of new technological devices. The arrival of this knowledge to clinicians will also encourage their organizations to promote the use of new technological systems and in to update the facilities, labs and in the end the technology the use in their daily practice. Accordingly, in the execution of the project it will proposed a training and learning methodology and a structure of contents based on previously identified needs of all relevant targeted stakeholders; these needs will be clearly identified by means of different surveys performed by the consortium. Brain4Train project promotes permeability between the field of higher education and continuous training of the target professionals. Brain4Train Training Programme will be structured around learning outcomes. Also the identification, listing and definition of the technical and transversal competences that will be developed at the completion of the course will be part of the design of the curriculum, facilitating the transparency of the learning outcomes, as well as the recognition of skills and qualifications of the participants in the training process. The available European tools will be used at this purpose, like Europass which will helps students and young professional to show their skills and qualifications effectively and clearly. This will help to increase the ratio of employability, youth work and labour mobility within European regions.


Project’s title: Development of innovative Training contents based on the applicability of Virtual Reality in the field of Stroke Rehabilitation

Start Date: 01-10-2017

Total Duration: 24 months

End Date: 31-09-2019

Project Reference: 2017-1-PL01-KA202-038370